This part of the website delivers broadcasts covering Personal & Business taxation & Business planning topics   via past recorded & current Live to Air Broadcasts to those who visit Shepperd & Co. website , as well as delivering more broadcasts to those who are private members of the Website.

The online radio broadcasts also acts as self education  information sessions to explain different aspects of the taxation system , as well as different songs to  provide entertainment.

I have also included a comedy episode ” the taxman” from a radio series from the early 1960s, starring Tony Hancock as the client and Sid James as the Accountant, where they want to prepare to lodge his tax returns for the last 10 years.

Shepperd & Co. broadcasts bring News &  Views about current topical tax topics & developments into broadcasts  that can be generally understood by those who visit the website .

Depending on when you access the Online Radio Station you will hear the different recorded broadcasts . If you miss any of them, keep listening as the Broadcasts will loop back to you


We will be regularly adding new  broadcasts . So please keep checking our website page.

If we are Broadcasting Live to Air, this will be identified as such  to those listening to the Online radio station

Click on the pay button in the image below to hear the Online Radio Broadcasts recorded & Live


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